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As I’m sure a lot of you know, the spam box option on cpanel creates a seperate folder into which Spamassassin will put messages detected as spam. The keeps the inbox clear of junk mail, keeping is hidden away in a spam folder.

For a lot of people having spam box enabled is their preferred option, and we like to enable it on all accounts by default. Annoyingly however, there is no preference in WHM that allows an admin to enable the on all accounts by default. It however can be done very simply.

Whether or not spambox is enabled on an account is determined by the existence of a file called .spamassassinboxenable in the home directory of that account. If the file exists, spambox will be enabled on that account.

So if you want to automatically enable Spam Box on all accounts when they are created, you need to update the skeleton directory that is used as a template to create new accounts to include this file.

If you are the root admin, the skeleton directory can usually be found at /root/cpanel3-skel. If you are a reseller, the skeleton directory is here /home/[reseller]/cpanel3-skel/ where [reseller] is your reseller’s username. If you are not sure where this directory, you can check through Whm’s admin interface by clicking on the Skeleton Directory link in the menu.

Placing a file called .spamassassinboxenable in this skeleton folder will enable spam box for all new accounts.

This can be easily done with the command

touch /root/cpanel3-skel/.spamassassinboxenable

if you are the root admin or


where [reseller] is your if you are a reseller’s username

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