Domain Privacy

Keep your personal details off the web !

How Your Personal Details Become Public

When you register a domain name with any domain provider, your contact details are publicly listed in an online database of domain owners, know as a WHOIS database. The information published can include your name, email address, address and phone number.

Since your details are there for anyone to view, this can lead to higher levels of spam, junk mail and potentially increase the risk of your identity being stolen. It also means that your website can be linked to your address and contact number, something that is not always desirable should you wish your details to remain anonymous.

There is however a solution.

Costing only £4.99+VAT/yr per domain, our Domain Privacy service keeps your contact details hidden and that protects your anonymity.

UK Domains

If you have a UK domain registered to you as an individual, your details will be hidden by default, however if your domain is registered to a company, it is required that the contact details be accessible. Please contact us for more information.

Where to purchase a Domain Name

If you would like to purchase a domain name find out more information from here:

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