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Landing Page Website Design Package

Our Landing Page website design package is in high demand. Are you looking to create a high impact 1 page web design? Do you want to drive website traffic to a special offer? Our landing page web design package is ideal.

Landing pages are a great way to attract new custom. Landing pages are most effective when coupled with an online advertising campaign. Our landing pages are designed to deliver high impact information quickly and effectively.

The main purpose of a landing page is to provoke a positive response from a potential customer. This could mean capturing contact details or other information from them. Perhaps you are running a telephone advertisement and you want your audience to pick up the phone and make a call. Our web design Edinburgh team design landing pages to meet your specific website requirements.

What’s included in the Landing Page website design package?

Attractive Contact Forms
As standard we are including an attractive contact form or call back request. We will also help you set up an ad-words campaign to funnel your website traffic onto your landing pages.

Bold Design
Landing pages generally carry all the information on 1 page. This page will be high impact and be laid out coherently. Prominent details will be highlighted appropriately.

Stripped out coding
We’ll be making the pages as lean as possible so that load times are as quick as they can be. Quicker load times help conversion rates. All our landing pages are based on the WordPress website design platform.

We can help advise you on the best course of action on how to best promote your landing page web design on the internet. We can advise you for example on how to set up and run an Ad-words campaign.

Analytical Software
We set up analytical software as standard with all of the websites we design. Web site Analytics will demonstrate how effective a website campaign is running. The information can also help guide you on how improve the campaign to suit the needs of the internet audience. Our web design Edinburgh team can help focus your online marketing campaign, targeting your audience.