Online website application questionnaire

Through popular demand we have created an online version of our website application. Please use this form for our responsive website design package and our eCommerce website design package.

It’s a quick and simple process. By completing the following website questionnaire, you are not committing yourself.

When we receive your application a member of Roslin Design will contact you to discuss any questions you might have.

You are not required to complete our website application online. Some of our clients expressed an interest in having the option for one, so here it is. If you prefer you can call us on 0131 208 1023 instead.

Your Details:

Current Website (or preferred web address)*

About Your Business:

What does your company do?

Who are your customers?
(e.g. students, professionals, etc)

If you have a website, or domain name, please provide details here:

Who are your competitors? What are their web addresses?

If you do not have a website, or domain name, you can register a domain name here:
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Style of website you like:

What colours would you like in the site?

What colours do you not like?

Describe the appearance you want your site to have.
(e.g. clean, funky, fun, humorous professional, earthy, artistic, traditional, smooth, striking, cartoony, flamboyant, muted, etc.)

What websites do you like the look of?

What websites do you think are awful?

eCommerce & Online shops

Do you require an online shop? If your answer is yes pleases answer the following questions:

Have you decided what payment gateway to process payments on the site? If so, which one?

Are you going to trade exclusively in the UK?


If no,

Are you planning on selling in multiple currencies, or just allowing ordering from abroad in GBP?

Are you planning on setting different products prices depending on country?

Shipping Costs:

How are you going to be charging for delivery? For example, by total amount purchased, weight, delivery method, number of items? What are your prices going to be? If you are trading internationally, how much will you charge for international delivery?

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